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Complete and Partial Dentures in Woodbury, MN

Have you lost all or a substantial number of your teeth? Or, perhaps you have experienced complete tooth loss and are concerned about further complications to your dental health? If so, your best possible option is to visit Tamarack Hills Family Dentistry and speak with dentist Dr. Matha about tooth replacement solutions in the form of partial and full dentures in Woodbury, MN. A denture is a set of artificial teeth that are set into a frame to fit over your upper or lower gum line. In the past, dentures were primarily utilized in cases of complete tooth loss, whereas today those who have lost several but not all of their teeth can also benefit from this restorative treatment.

Options include:

  • Complete dentures – Also known as full dentures, these consist of a full set of teeth attached to an artificial frame. We usually design the frame to resemble your natural gums for additional authenticity. Full dentures can be planned in advance and applied immediately after your teeth are extracted, or may be applied after 6-month healing period in other cases.
  • Patients who are looking to further enhance their experience with dentures now have the option to permanently secure the restoration with dental implants. This latest option provides you with the complete look and feel of permanent teeth, further helping recreate the comfort and appearance of a natural smile.
  • Partial dentures – Commonly referred to as partials, these dentures consist of a partial set of teeth attached to a metal framework. The artificial teeth are specially designed to fit over the empty spaces in your jaw, while the frame spans the length of any remaining natural teeth and holds the restoration in place.
  • A non-removable option of a partial denture is known as a bridge, which involves anchoring a section of replacement teeth between two adjacent natural teeth. If your teeth are inadequate to hold a bridge, implants and/or crowns may also be implemented.
  • At our sophisticated dental office, we create the most authentic-looking dentures through a combination of our advanced equipment and our dentist’s superior skill. Whether you require partials or full dentures, we will create your replacement teeth to look absolutely real. With our help, you will once again be able to let the world see your youthful smile!To experience the difference of dentures in Woodbury or surrounding areas, look no further than Tamarack Hills Family Dentistry today. You can schedule a free consultation or appointment with us regarding your tooth replacement needs simply by calling (651) 410-1246 or filling out our convenient online form.
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